East Texas Women Opt for a Night Out

Thousands of East Texas ladies took the liberty of giving themselves the night-off from their husbands, kids and boyfriends. It was the third Clear Channel Women's Night Out.

"It's exciting because you don't have to worry about the husband or the kids," says Yolanda Rodriguez. "You can come and eat without cooking."

Yolanda Rodriguez joined thousands of East Texas "women on the go" to do something they don't normally do.

"To have a night away from cooking and cleaning and the kids," says Vicky Epperson.

"All that, all the above," says Andrea Carlson.

Ladies exchanged daily stress and responsibility for a free night out with the girls.

"Anything you wanted to know about anything you ever decided to do is here in the booths so you get to learn about things you haven't seen before," Lalette White.

100 booths featured the latest fashions, beauty buys, home decor and even car care under one roof. But the women's night offers didn't stop there.

"I'm learning all this information on breast cancer there's been information on wellness," says Shaniqua Battbe. "I've really enjoyed it; togetherness it's just a whole bunch of women and no men!"

On the way out, many women caught the last of the freebies in the way of a much needed massage.

"All the stress in your back and it just relieves all the pressure and makes you feel great," says Katrina Davis. And rejuvenated. Before returning to a world with their men, jobs and kids.