"Does It Work?": Green Bags

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

This "Does It Work?" product was a highly requested item. That could mean East Texans are big on getting their daily recommended fruits and vegetables, or it may just mean, they buy them, and are really slow to eat them. Either way, tonight we put the Green Bags to the "Does It Work?" test.

There she is, Debbie Meyer, on the front of the box, making a big claim. All fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer. We'll see.

We have everything we need, except a security guard. Who else can protect it in KLTV's break room?

Let's see if they work. Of course, it's not the broccoli I worry about, it's the strawberries.

"Do not touch, do not touch! Let's get started."

You get 10 large bags and 10 mediums. While we're packing these, here's an explanation on how they work. You see, veggies release ethylene gases during the ripening process. The Green Bags contain natural minerals that are supposed to absorb and remove ethylene gases that if left to do their thing, cause deterioration. Take a look. Identical quantities of fruits and vegetables, all from the same lot. One of each in a Green Bag. The others in a regular grocery produce bag.

We create an empty drawer to pack it in, and secured it.

"That ought to hold it for 2 weeks."

"OK I know I said 2 weeks, but I'm impatient, and it's been 12 days, so that's pretty close. Let's see what - Ooh look! It's still sealed down here. Take a look."

And just like they did with King Tut, the seal has been broken. It's kinda exciting.

"It's like a time capsule. It's like opening a 12 day old time capsule."

None of it looks too bad on first inspection. Until we start opening some of this stuff up. Tomatoes first. They were in the regular produce bag.


And we find these are getting a little soft.

"Let's see the Green Bag one."

They were just like day one. Nice, firm...no spots. Next, we checked the strawberries in the regular produce bag.

"Thing's talking to us in here. I was afraid of this." "do, do, to du~!"

Nobody's eating these. How did the Green Bag strawberries fare? Better, but...

"We've got some spoilage here too."

The Green Bag strawberries did better than the others, but not perfection. And sure enough, Debbie only claims to preserve strawberries for 9 days. Considering we went 12 and they did fare much better, we'll give partial credit here.

Lettuce? It wasn't even close. It was so rotten, it stuck to the bag. The Green Bag lettuce though.

"That's fine." Really, just like the day we bought it.

And the broccoli? It had slimy stuff growing on top and the tree trunk was turning dark in places. And the smell! The only thing worse than broccoli is spoiling broccoli.

Side by side comparison. There is no comparison.

Does it work? What a great invention! We give the Green Bags a Yes. We got the Green Bags at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They're $9.99 for 20 and they are re-useable.

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