Understanding the texting craze

By Molly Reuter - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Fourteen thousand text messages. That's more than four hundred a day, and it was accomplished by a thirteen year old California girl. Parents used to be worried about their teenagers going over on their cell phone minutes.


No... that's not the sound of a phone call coming in. Rather, the world of texting, one cell phone after the other.

"About 50 times a day to 100," said Jordan Ellis, 14 years old.

"Around 150 times a day," said Kendall McAllister, 16 years old.

"At least 200 a day," said Dylan Horinek, 15 years old.

That's right 200 text messages, entire conversations using their fingers not their voices.

Why is texting so popular?

"It's easier than talking on the phone," Cayley Hendrick, 13 years old.

"You don't have to like talk a long time," said Hendrick.

"My mom she likes to know what I'm talking about, so I just think it's easier," said Ellis

It's that reason Shane Williamson of Verizon Wireless said many parents don't want their kids to text, but with more affordable texting plans, it's hard to avoid.

"We've geared it around to where it doesn't cost a lot of money to get text on your plan now, you've got 30 bucks a month for unlimited text for the whole family," said Shane Williamson.

Understanding the messages, Williamson said is also a concern for parents.

Take "ruf2c" for example, which means "are you free to chat"?

Or, "kfy": "kiss for you." I guess parents aren't really supposed to know that one. Sorry teens.

"They don't like it when I text that much," said Ellis. "They don't think I'm paying attention sometimes."

I can see why. But in reality, these teens say every one is doing it, even their parents.

"Since you have it, you might as well use it," said Horinek.

Just in case you were wondering, the teenagers in this story all have unlimited texting, and parents, don't worry if you can't understand your child's text message there is help out there. We have put a link on the Know More Page to help you decifer your kids texts. Click on "Texting Lingo".