Toddler found in shallow grave

Titus County officials tell us that forty-one year old Shane Michael Charlton is charged with injury to a child with intent to cause serious bodily injury. Monday night investigators discoverd a toddler's body behind the back of Charlton's home south of Cookeville near Mount Plesant.

Titus County investigators found the body of sixteen month old Katie Frye covered in a shallow grave.

"It was just almost instant. The dogs picked up on the scent and lead us to where the child was buried," said Titus County Sheriff, Tim Ingram.

Charlton and Katie's mother, Barbra Tucker, also known as Barbie were common law husband and wife.

"So the common law stepfather was there and had been left with the baby a big part of the day by himself and he had reported that he had went to sleep," said Sheriff Ingram.

According to investigators, Barbara had just returned from shopping when she found Shane asleep, and Katie gone.

"When they got there, there was a stuffed animal in the crib that was covered up and when they pulled in back they saw the baby was gone," explained Ingram.

So what was Charlton's explanation? He said Katie had been kidnapped!

Just hours later they found her body, and Charlton's story changed.

In the arrest affadavit, Charlton reportedly admitted to giving Katie too much medication. When he found her later dead in her crib, Charleton reportedly placed her in a plastic garbage bag and buried her.

"This is tough on deputies just like it would be anyone. Anytime you have a child that you find dead, it's never easy for anybody," said Ingram.

"It's very devastating especially when you've kept the little girl and gotten that close to her," said Dustin Reddin a friend of the family.

Reddin and his girlfriend used to babysit Katie. They say they can't believe Shane could be capable of this.

"Never in my life thought he would do anything like this. My son used to play down there and used to fish with him," said Reddin.

In 2006, Charlton lost his son Dakota Charlton to an accidental drowning and ever since then he says shane went down hill.

"He didn't like talking about Dakota because it would choke him up."

Now, another child is gone and authorities say all leads are pointing to Charlton being responsible for her death. Titus County officials tell us Charlton is being held on a million dollar bond and he could be upgraded to a capital murder charge. The toddlers mother is not facing any charges. Katie's body has been sent to Dallas for an autopsy to determine what caused her death.