Longview star making a difference

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

By night she is a star and by day Jane Ann Crowson puts in work as a missions coordinator for Buckner International, an organization that helps orphans, at risk children and their families.

"I partner churches and organizations that want to go and and minister to children and families around the world through mission trips and working with orphans," said Crowson.

Here at the local Longview Buckner children family services center, Jane Anne works with other mission organizers to help get clothes, and other necessities so local families can pick out what they need for free.

"We want them to feel like they're really shopping and they're worth something so it's an incredible ministry," explained Crowson.

She also works with World Changers. She get teens to come to East Texas every summer to repair homes for owners who don't have the funds. As if that isn't enough, Jane is a co-partner/owner at Cook's Nook in Longview, a true testament that you can be a World Changer, Entrepreneur, and Star all in one.

"It is a real honor and as I've read the other ladies bios I'm really humbled by the fact that I would have been chosen to be in this group."

All of the Stars over Longview recipients will be featured in the Longview Regional Calendar, next year, 2010. Here are the names of all the recipients and the months they will represent:

Jane Ann Crowson - February

Mary Taylor - March

Marilyn Bianca - April

Claire Roberts - May

Sally Rathbun - June

Lisha Mack - July

Stephanie B. Phillips - August

Jan Statman - September

Margie Litterski - October

Ruby Ellard - November

Kasha Williams- December

Susan Denby - January