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10/08/02 - Tyler

Contour Secret Pillow: "Does It Work?"

Need a good night's sleep? This "Does It Work?" product could be your answer. If you have neck pain that keeps you up at night, the Countour Secret Pillow could be worth the 20 dollars to get your 40 winks. Ah, but does it work?

You've seen the "before" and "after" pictures on TV. Before, your neck's all bent--- glowing red with pain in the graphic. And after: nice and straight... perfectly aligned.

 The contour pillow claims to be the key to a good night's sleep, by reducing strain on pressure points and muscles. Seems to us, Dorotha Harper is the ideal volunteer to try it out.

"I had surgery and they took bone out of my hip and fused it into the spine and put in a screw on this side and a wire on this side," Harper says. "So you've had some neck pain," we asked. "Oh yes," she says. The down feather pillow Mrs. Harper uses does the trick. But not without some help. "I have to adjust it so that it's comfortable. Sometimes that take a while."  She says it takes effor to get the proper support within the curve of her neck. The secret to the Contour Secret Pillow is the blue foam core desinged to support the neck. We couldn't wait to get an initial impression. "That's good. It really is," she says. The early reviews are good but we'll let her sleep on it before making a decision.

We come back the next day. "It's not uncomfortable. It's just not conducive to my neck but I think someone else could probably benefit by it," she said. Mrs. Harper says she woke up several times overnight-- gave it a go until 6:30 in the morning, but found it to be a little too thick and went back to the old standard. "I think a larger person could handle this a lot better than I did, not that I'm that little but a large man or woman could probably handle this because their shoulders are wider."

Nice pillow, she says... Nice washable cover too. She'd love to give it a better score, but Mrs. Harper has to give the Countour Secret Pillow a "maybe".

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