East Texas man shares story of unemployment

One East Texas man knows the word unemployment all too well.  When Bayne Johnson found himself out of a job, he found himself out of a place to live, yet he never gave up.

You probably haven't heard of Bayne Johnson.

"I'm from a little town called Groesbeck, Texas in Limestone County," said Johnson.  "That's where i was living, lived there for almost 22 years."  His story is something we've heard all too much in recent months.

"I had a job about six months ago making $21.50 an hour and then got laid off cause the job was finished," said Johnson.  "Out of a job, Johnson search for work brought him to Tyler's Salvation Army Center of Hope.   Johnson isn't alone, the Tyler Salvation Army currently houses 138 people, most of whom are simply out of a job.  He's able to stay here for up to a month for free, and it gives Johnson and others time to get back on their feet.  While he's still searching for a steady paycheck, Johnson's attitude is positive.

"Ya gotta do what you gotta do," said Johnson.  Looking through family photo albums and hoping he'll see his newest grandson keeps him motivated.  When asked about what's been hardest since he lost his job, Johnson doesn't hesitate to say.

"Being without family, I was around my grandson every other weekend, and I haven't seen him since beginning of November," said Johnson.  Work gloves still lay by Johnson's bed as he waits for work, a feeling he says most people just don't understand.

"People say aw that's stupid that's stupid, well you don't know til you been there," said Johnson.  "It's not easy."  Landing small jobs a few times a week, Bayne says it may not be much, but he's saving for a down payment on a car, hoping to one day be near his family.

Morgan Chesky reporting, mchesky@kltv.com