Girl Scouts selling cookies for a cause

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

For years, Girl Scouts of America has been committed to building girls' courage, confidence, and character, but everybody knows that the most popular time in girl scouting is their famous cookie sales.

Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?

It's a sight you hear and see, this time, every year Girl Scouts making their mark, offering their best sales pitch. They have sweet smiles and the promise of a great cookie.

"I really, really like selling cookies even though we can only do it for once a year but it's really fun," said Rachel McCarty, an East Texas Girl Scout true and through.

She's a Hudson pep student and Rachel knows what it take to sell the cookies.

"If we make the goal that we want there are little prizes so it's more fun. My goal is about 1,000," said Rachel. "I've already tried them and their really good."

For ninty-seven years Girl Scouts of the USA has made their mark in history, instilling in girls from a young age that they can be tomorrow's leaders. Jan Maynard of Patterson Nissan is one of those leaders. Her mother put her in Girl Scouts when she was six years old.

"She thought it would be a good idea to get me into the Brownies of course which is the first step towards being a Girl Scout and that's how it all began back in Odessa Texas, many, many years ago," said Jan Maynard, the Marketing Director for Patterson Nissan and a Girl Scout for life.

Jan's Girl Scouts leadership skills have lead her a long way. Her office wall holds a list of awards and accomplishments.

"If I had to say one that describes my history with the Girl Scouts, it's wholesome," Said Jan "I think I remember one of my most vivid memories was the cookies. I remember going door to door and I think back then we may have just had four little flavors but I remember it was team thing that we did."

So what was her favorite?

"All of them," she laughs.

It's the first day Girl Scout cookies go on sale. This year they have a new cookie the Dulce de Leche. Of course, the most famous Girl Scout cookie around is Samoas - or is it the Thin Mints?