LeTourneau hosts youth leadership conference

By Lakecia Shockley - bio - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - More than 500 students from around Texas met at LeTourneau University for the International Baccalaureate Youth Leadership Conference.

"We just want to spark the light in those students in their minds to say, 'hey, we can do this'," said Marty Lane Director of Special Programs for the University.

The conference motto is: 'The power to think...the will to act.'

"I'm learning several things like robotics and legs how they go to Africa and Bangladesh and help all those people who need prosthetic legs and fit them," said Isaac Ramirez who is an eleventh grader from Henderson High School.

"You know you're in school and you're like, science...math, you don't really want to go to those classes but it's good to see if that may be an interest," explained Kelsey Ricks a Henderson High School eleventh grader.

From aeronautics to robots, university students are showing youngsters what they create and build when it comes to technology.

"Everything is technology based now and the companies are really really suffering because students are not going into it," said Dr. Craig Varnell a computer science professor at the University.

One student already knows what he wants to be.

"I'd like to be a meteorologist or news anchor for KLTV 7 news, your East Texas news leader," said Ramirez.

Just to let you know, Issac made that last statement all on his own when are camera's were rolling.

Longview ISD and LeTourneau hosted the youth conference. LeTourenau says starting next fall they will be offering 5,000 dollar scholarships to students from the National Science Foundation.