Elvis Surprise

By Jamey Boyum - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Elvis Presley would be seventy-four today if he were still around. In honor of his birthday, KLTV 7's Jamey Boyum tried to get a few of you to sing his first number one hit.

Some of Elvis's biggest fans reside at Prestige Estates in Tyler. It had been a while since any of them sang the king's first hit, Heartbreak Hotel, but they were willing to try.

"Since my baby left me. I found a new place to dwell," sings Genell Giles, an Elvis fan who acually ran after him once. "How's the rest of it go?"

After a lyric review, they took it from the top. Hmm. Maybe they need a surprise helper.

"I get so lonely baby, I get so lonely..." Enter the king. Sort of. Meet James Wages, and he has a great Elvis tribute. You can close your eyes and almost see the king, or leave them open and pretty much see him right there in front of you. After the impromptu concert one resident shared an Elvis encounter.

Elvis - or James - had a message for a lucky few.

"If your lucky enough to be born on January eight, the greatest day on earth, happy birthday, baby."

What was our gift to Elvis? With people like James Wages around Elvis will really never leave the building.