More details on Lon Morris football program

Press Release from Lon Morris College:

The Bearcats at Lon Morris College kick off the New Year with the announcement of a new football program.   After nearly two years of extensive research of other institutions, Athletic Director Dale Dotson and school officials have decided to move forward with reinstating its football program after a 68 year hiatus.

The first step towards this process was the hiring of Head Football Coach Johnnie Richey.  Johnnie Richey, an East Texas Native, will begin recruiting for his program this Spring, with Fall 2009 being the first 'red-shirt' year for the program.

LMC's intent behind the expansion of the sports program and adding football is to engage students at new levels.   The goal is to provide students with an enhanced and more complete college experience. This will also bring former students and the East Texas community closer to the College and its continued development towards success.