Stores Offer Refunds On Counterfeit Game Tickets

Several East Texas businesses are now giving refunds for counterfeit football tickets. The Prairie View A&M versus Grambling State University tickets were sold throughout Dallas and East Texas. But when the football game began, avid football fans found themselves outside the gates.

   As of Monday morning, area businesses believe a change in the way the tickets were printed caused the problem.

Michael Clarke, owner of M&M Record Shop, talked with the game's promoters Monday morning. He says the promoters ran out of tickets and made a second batch. However, the new batch was a different color. That fact, along with a real counterfeiter on the loose, caused confusion among ticket collectors.

"The second batch of tickets printed were the ones that got rejected," said Clarke.

And to make matters worse, Michael says those tickets looked a lot like real counterfeit tickets roaming the crowd.

"They think the second batch of tickets were the tickets that counterfeiters used to make bogus tickets," he says. "The problem they were presented with is we have one set of tickets that are definitely legitimate. We have another set of tickets that we're pretty sure is legitimate, and another set of tickets that we're pretty sure are counterfeit."

Michael spent the day explaining the situation to customers. Most customers have been understanding, he says. The game promoter was unavailable for comment Monday.

M&M Record Shop in Tyler, Mike's Records In Longview and C&M Entertainment Records in Henderson confirmed they're giving refunds.

Dallas Police arrested a man Saturday for selling counterfeit tickets at the Cotton Bowl Stadium. It's important to note the stores did not get their tickets from this man, but from the game's promoter.