Soldiers Get Homecoming Welcome

By Morgan Chesky - email

Cheers greeted two soldiers Wednesday night, coming home after months in Iraq.

Lana Sheets, mother of Sergeant First Class Melissa Sheets, told KLTV 7 "I've been through a roller coaster of emotions up down...i get so excited and then i think ah i can let it all out now i don't have to hold it all in."

As for Sergeant Zach Robinson, his grandfather planned on giving him a special greeting, telling his grandson, "how you doing, snuggles?"

At every stop, crowds with banners and balloons greeted the soldiers, sending both a strong message.

Sergeant Sheets told us, "it really was good to see something like that, it was probably one of the best moments of my life," a sentiment echoed by Sergeant Robinson, who said, "it does us a lot of keeps us motivated and it shows us we are being supported and it gives us a reason to carry on."

We also had to ask Sergeant Robinson about "Snuggles," to which he replied, "my girlfriend is gonna get it for that one."

But before he does that...he plans on a nice big steak.

The ladies however, plan to take a different approach.

Lana and her daughter are looking forward to "some quiet time, some girl time, we're gonna go shop and eat chicken and dumplings. All those things she likes. "

Both soldiers will have to enjoy their short time home.

Melissa sheets flies back to Iraq in just 18 days. Zach Robinson leaves soon after, but gets to celebrate his birthday while he's at home.