Team Up For Fire Safety

Have you tested your smoke detectors lately to make sure the batteries are still in working order?

Or has your family mapped out an escape plan in case of a fire?

If you answered "no" to either of those questions, the Longview Fire Department wants to help.

It's part of the city's "Team Up For Fire Safety" program.

"We had smoke alarms but we weren't sure how many we needed," says Jean Blanton.

That's just one of many common question the team from Interstate Batteries, Lowe's and the Longview Fire Department are answering.

Here are some types from Brian Howell with the Longview Fire Department: "We wanna make sure that the vent-a-hood is clean and that they're is nothing on the stove and no flammables with in the areas of the stove. The more extenstion cords and multi outlet adapters involved the more the outlet becomes overloaded and the possibility of fire increases."

"Well I learned I needed a new extension cord in the bedroom and I learned that we do not have enough smoke alarms even though we had about five or six it still wasn't enough," says Mrs. Blanton.

The Blanton's needed eight smoke detectors.

The team found several existing detectors either mounted on the wall instead of the ceiling or with batteries that didn't work.

But there was more.

"If you don't clean out the lent screen when the dryer is going through the process of drying and the lent blocks up on the screen, eventually it'll get hot enough to ignite," says Howell.

With the lesson over, new detectors mounted and an escape route mapped out the Blanton's say they're able to rest easier tonight.

The Longview Fire Department will be conducting more home visits Tuesday and Thursday.

For more information on these home visits you can call the Longview Fire Department.