Special delivery for POW survivor

By Bob Hallmark - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

KILGORE, TX (KLTV) - Billy and Effie Boyd of Gilmer were so compelled by Freddie Ward's story of life in Nazi Stalag 17 that they wanted to do something special.

"I don't think that Americans, all of us, appreciate enough what these men did," said Billy Boyd. "I mean we see it on television everyday but we just don't understand the horrors."

They gave me the honor of delivering their gift.

"They wanted you to have this and asked us at Channel 7 to deliver it," said Bob Hallmark, KLTV reporter.

It was a World War Two U.S. Army Air Force pilots scarf. Ward had seen them but never had one himself.

"That was unexpected especially all these years later," said Ward. "Yeah I appreciate that I really do, I've got more thank you's here in the last month than I think I've had in all my life put together."

Wards diary chronicled the cruelty and hardships of POW life. The Boyds wanted to thank him for enduring - for them.

"We should honor them with everything we have so that we can live in a free country," said Effie Boyd.

"I wanted to send him something I had that I thought would mean a lot to him," said Billy Boyd. Freddie

"A man I've never met and never seen," said Ward in wonder.

"I thank the Lord that there are men like this in the world," said Billy Boyd.

Ward has mailed a copy of his dairy to the Boyds. He plans on paying them a visit to thank them personally for the scarf.