Longview red-light camera update

By Lakecia Shockley - email

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Red light cameras are standing tall, on watch, in Longview and if they catch you it's 75 bucks!

"I think its a good thing because people need to obey the law," said Cathy Middlebrooks from Longview.

Not everybody agrees.

"They've caught a lot of people that have taken the red lights and I'm sure that its saved a lot of lives but at the same time I think they're disturbing and the officers are out there and I think that's all we need," said Maria Cardenas of Longview.

"It's working just fine but they haven't got me me yet because I slow down anyway," said John Marsh Longview driver.

"I think its a good use of technology," said Lynn Atwood.

"That's just a machine," said Longview driver Joy Stone. "They can't read what's in your mind or what the circumstances are at that time when you go through it or you stop."

They may not be mind readers but Kelly Moore Painters Manager, Bruce Hickman says red light runners are still active at Bill Owens Parkway and the Loop.

"You think there's thunder and lightning going on outside because it flashes so much," said Hickman.

He knows first hand about red light camera citations. He sold a truck to a guy and forgot to take the tags off.

"He got caught at 2:00 in the morning running the red light right here and I got the picture and the citation in the mail," said Hickman.

Another red light camera encounter.

"I think it's kind of funny. My sister has gotten two tickets for turing right on a red light," laughed Lavoy Rogers. "I thought it was real funny but she didn't. She said if she could hear she'd go down and protest."

Not everyone thinks they are funny.

"If they get upset about getting a ticket they should drive like their supposed to," said Cathy Middlebrooks.

We asked Longview police about the red light cameras. For example, how many citations have been given. They didn't have the information ready but they say they are working on getting it.