Good Shepard Medical Center signs new healthcare agreement

Good Shepherd Medical Center has signed an aggreement with Aetna and HealthSmart that allows people insured by these payers to choose where they recieve their healthcare.

Beginning January 1, 2009, HealthSmart members can choose Good Shepherd for their medical needs and beginning January 15, Aetna members will be offered the same choice. Previously, these plans allowed for only one hospital choice in Longview.

These two payers provide health insurance coverage to 126 Gregg County area employers.

"In order for this community to have strong hospitals, clinics, and retain highly qualified and dedicated physicians, residents need to continue getting their healthcare services here at home," said the new Good Shepard president and CEO Ed Banos. "We believe that by providing patients with a choice, they will stay in this community."

For more information about insurance plans that offer a choice of hospitals, contact the Managed Care department at (903) 315-2501.