Fatal Accident Blamed On Wet and Slick Roads

It's not driving too fast, but wet roads alone that turned a morning traffic accident deadly. You might have noticed a portion of highway 31 closed down for several hours...from 9 to noon Monday morning.

The accident killed two people and sent two more to ETMC in Tyler. It happened west of the loop to Eisenhower, on highway 31.

62 year old Fred Grochowski and 25 year old Lewis Orozco were pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses say a pickup truck hydroplaned across the highway, skidding out of control--then hit a Winnebago head on. The impact was so bad, that the engine from the pickup was ripped from the vehicle, also skidding across the road. Tyler Police say this is an unfortunate reminder of what rain slick roads can do, especially as several more days of rain are expected this week.

"We have a very wet road and people need to remember that they need to slow down on wet roads cause you never know where your going to hit a place that will cause a hydroplane or cause you to loose control of the vehicle," says Chris Moore of Tyler Police. While the driver wasn't speeding, slower driving conditions might have prevented the accident.

At ETMC, 21 year old Amador Vasquez and 31 year old Manuel Macias are still being treated.