Tyler Church Holds Animal Blessing Ceremony

Some East Texas animal lovers feel so blessed to have pets at home, that they decided to return the favor. At least, 20 pet owners took their dogs and cats to a special animal-blessing ceremony at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Tyler.

Reverand Bill Cook officially blessed every critter there.

The reverand says he performs the ceremony, because all animals are part of god's kingdom.

"Animals were made by god just like we our," said Cook. "And he's put alot of character into them, like he has us."

The ceremony came at the perfect time, according to Jeanne Horner of Tyler. Jeanne's cat has suffers from cancer, and she's tried everything to make him feel better. Now she's trying divine intervention.

"I'm just really grateful that there is a ceremony like this," says Horner.

Many St. Francis church started the tradition, because Saint Francis, himself, was an animal lover