Faulty Cotton Bowl Tickets Scattered Throughout East Texas

Some East Texans traveled miles to Cotton Bowl Stadium Saturday night, only to discover their game tickets were counterfeit.

Che' Nitta and Valerie Givens of Tyler remember seeing pandemonium outside the Prairie View A&M and Grambling State football game in Dallas.

"People (they) were upset, because this is like the best college game of the year," says Che'Nitta. "The biggest rivalry. To not get in ... it's like we paid all this money for nothing."

Ticket holders from East Texas and Dallas learned they had apparently purchased fake tickets from area businesses. It's now believed Ticket master, several East Texas businesses and various ticket outlets in Dallas sold some of the tickets.

Valerie Givens says when she arrived at the Cotton Bowl Stadium, some of her friends were already leaving. Stadium employees told them their tickets were faulty. The sister's ticket stubs were entirely green. Givens says the real tickets had a gray stub.

The Givens purchased the tickets at M&M Record Store in Tyler. The store's owner says he's giving refunds, and trying to get in touch with the promoter who sent him the tickets.

All attempts to reach the promoter failed.

"Concerts tickets that I bought in the past, I bought from them,. And I've never had a problem, so I don't think there's anything wrong on M&M's part."

Counterfeit tickets were also purchased at several other Tyler business, at Ticket master and at various outlets in Dallas. Like many, Valerie and Shenitta just want answers.

"We want to know what happened, and what can be done to make sure this doesn't happen again," says Shenitta.

The owner of M & M's Record store told channel seven that the first two batches of tickets he received were okay. But, the game sold better than usual, and he ordered a third batch. That batch turned out to be counterfeit.