An Officer and his Segway

Mall security. It's not your typical topic in a major motion picture, but this month one movie focuses on the officer who keeps you safe while shopping. Paul Blart, Mall Cop opens next Friday. A film that features a strange form of transportation called a "segway". If you've shopped in Tyler lately you know exactly what we're talking about.

He's always been dedicated. Paul Blart. Mall cop. From the big screen to the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler.

"I'm Jeff Conner, Security Officer."

These guys may not have a lot in common, but one's thing for sure, they've got a cool ride.

"I think the biggest comments that we get is can I borrow this, or can you rent it, and how much does it cost," said Jeff Conner, Broadway Square Mall Security.

Jeff Conner has been riding a segway for three weeks now. It is a new addition to the mall that mall officials say help keep their customers safe.

"This operation gives us great visibility. The officers can see over the crowd of shoppers, and it's easy for the shoppers to see the security officers," said mall manager, Terry Blevins. "It's a very interesting piece of equipment, people are just drawn to it."

Conner sure seems to like it, and like the movie mall cop, he believes...

"Safety never gets a holiday," said movie character Paul Blart.

OK, but now to the more obvious question. What is it like to ride?

"[It is] not hard at all, [it] maybe takes 30 minutes to learn to get your balance on, and once you do that you can hardly fall off," said Conner.

It did not sound too bad, so I decide to give it a try.

"Where are the breaks on this thing," asked Molly Reuter, KLTV reporter.

You definitely need some balancing skills, but overall it is pretty fun.

Hey! Maybe I have a new career in my future.

Molly reuter, mall cop.

Simon malls, which operates the Broadway Square Mall, says it has around 200 segways in malls around the country.

The movie Paul Blart, Mall Cop opens in theaters January 16th.

Molly Reuter, Reporting