Gas Prices Decline After Dramatic Increase

Some East Texans have noticed their gas prices going up again. In some areas, the going rate for one gallon of gas is five cents higher than it was last week.

Experts say a combination of bad weather and tensions in Iraq caused the price change. The good news is gas prices started rebounding Thursday night.

But East Texans say they're still paying more than last week. Laprell Frazier of Jefferson visits the same gas station in Lindale every Friday. "When I came here last week, it was a $1.28, and now it's a $1.33," he says.

A week ago, truck driver George Younger paid $160 dollars to fill his tank. Seven days later, he's paying $180 dollars.

A spokesperson for La Gloria Oil and Gas Company says hurricanes Isidore and Lili hampered the delivery of crude oil and caused gas prices to inflate. Plus some oil refineries closed down completely, adding to an already vulnerable oil market.

Even with prices rebounding slightly, some consumers are not convinced.

While George Younger and other truck drivers pumped gas Friday afternoon, a clerk changed the diesel fuel marquee to read a $1.40 per gallon.

It had been $1.37.