Friends Remember East Texas Teen, Killed In Robbery

A holiday visit turned deadly, leaving an East Texas community with an enormous loss.

18 year old Rebeca Kemp of Mount Vernon had died after being shot during a robbery at a Dallas business.   Tuesday night, 3 armed men rush through the doors and deliver a flurry of gunshots,

"It didn't seem real because I mean growing up around here you always hear of that kind of thing but you never actually know the people it happens to," said Kemp's classmate , Autumn Aikin.

Rebeca was a 2008 graduate of Mount Vernon high school, and news of her death shattered many of her friends, who remember her as a good natured small town girl.

"We all loved her we were such a small class we're all so close this is so unexpected no one expected any of this, I think the most painful part for me is that her life was taken for no reason, why," said friend Brittany Jones.

They had grown up together, known each other since grade school , and the loss hurt many.

"She loved life and she was always nice to people and she would never hurt anyone, its heartbreaking , it just breaks my heart, just remember her for the sweet outgoing person that she was," said classmate Courtney Damron.

She was like many small town girls with dreams. Dreams that will never be realized now.

"She was a really good person and she deserves for people to remember her that way" Damron says.

Rebeca Kemp's funeral is set for tomorrow in Mount Vernon. Right now, no arrests have been made in the shooting.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting