Caffey Case Is Finally Closed

In Rains county Friday, Erin Caffey and Bobbie Johnson pleaded guilty to killing Caffey's mother and her two brothers this past March, then burning their house down.

Two others, Charles Waid and Charlie Wilkinson pleaded guilty to the murders in November. Tonight, KLTV 7's Courtney Lane takes us inside the courtroom.

Nearly 10 months since Penny Caffey and her two sons were brutally stabbed and shot to death, all four defendants have now plead guilty. During sentencing Friday, 17-year old Erin Caffey appeared frightened. But her father, Terry, who was shot and survived, held her hand supporting his daughter.

Erin Caffey is getting two life sentences plus a third count of 25 years. So it will be at least 55 years before she's eligible for parole.

"As for Erin Caffey, two life sentences, will she ever parole out? I can't answer that," said Rains County Attorney, Robert Vititow.  "And if she did, she would still have another 25 year sentence to serve and so the odds are that she may never get out."

19-year old Bobbie Johnson got 40 years for her guilty plea. And you may remember, the other two defedants, Charles Waid and Charlie Wilkinson plead guilty for their role in the killings in November.

After it was all said and done Friday, an emotional Terry Caffey hugged friends and family, who he'll no doubt be leaning on for many years to come.

Tuesday morning, Waid and Wilkinson will be formally sentenced. We're told they are expected to get life sentences as well.

Courtney Lane, Reporting