Evacuees Find Shelter In Tyler

For hours they waited and waited for Hurricane Lili to pass. Nearly 200 families piled into the Red Cross shelter at First Christian Church. They were trying not to worry about their homes, and just trying to pass the time.

For the kids, there were games and instant friends to be made. At times, the innocent playtime of children, who hours before were nothing more than strangers, put a smile on a worried parents face.

Television offered no comfort, but a word from the Red Cross finally did. Jefferson County and Orange County allowing people to return home.

The worst of the storm was over, and that meant many families like the Arellano's could go home. The only thing is, they have no idea what they are going home too.

"It's been terrible," said Eric Arellano. "We don't know what's happening to our family members who stayed. What happened to our house."

Celina and her family are from Lake Charles. They were just thankful they found a place to stay while the storm passed.

"It's been great," Celina said. "It's been great. We didn't know where to go. We were tired. Drive all day to find nothing."