New Year babies

With the New Year comes new babies. While hundreds of folks were partying it up last night and swinging in 2009, two groups of East Texas parents were delivering the first babies of 2009.

Emily Grace Palmer's cute face lit up the room.

Little Emily's mother, Kimberly McCauley said, "She means lots of love and joy. She's just wonderful."

Weighing a little over six pounds, Emily was born into the world just five minutes after 2009 began. Her mother was in labor for 18 and a half hours at Mother Frances Hospital.

"She's the first baby. It was well worth it. Well worth the wait," said McCauley.

For Emily's parents, this first arrival was a special one.

"She's great and we know she's the best, but every baby's a miracle and they all deserve the spot light," said her proud father, William Palmer.

Over at ETMC another baby was looking for the spotlight. Just 37 minutes after Emily was born Danika Paige Raines made her first mark as the hospital's first baby of 2009.

"We were supposed to be induced today, but it just got started on. It's on faster than we expected. So surprise! We had a New Year's baby," said new mom, Erin Raines.

Weighing in at four pounds and ten ounces, Danika's delivery was fast and furious. After two hours of labor she was here.

"We were actually waiting on the doctor. So, yeah, the doctor almost didn't make it but that's OK. She made it in time," explained new dad, Tim Raines.

Both 2009 girls are the first born of their families. Their parents can't wait to see what the new year will bring.

" [We are] still in a little bit of shock. [It's] like, ohh, she's really mine. I'm taking her home! It's good feeling," said Erin Raines.

"The best New Year's resolution? Take care of Emily," said McCauley

Two East Texas girls who came just in time, as the first babies of 2009.

Lakecia Shockley, Reporting