East Texans Celebrate Alternative New Years

With economic times being what they are, many East Texans are opting out of the traditional New Yars celebration at clubs tonight. But that doesn't mean they won't be celebrating in their own way. Instead of a night out on the town with spirits and glitz, many East Texans have come up with their own form of bringing in the New Year.

"We'll have a celebration at the house, finger foods and all my family" says one Gladewater resident.

"I'm going to set my alarm for 11:59, wake up, kiss the husband, tell him Happy New Year, roll over and go back to sleep" says Shonda Hooper.

For most it is as simple as family time.

"We're going to hang out, eat, play games and watch movies" says Marcia Redic.

"It was a week in New York for Christmas, how you gonna top that?" says native New Yorker Pauley Bauta.

Others find new ways to bring in a prosperous new year,  like bingo!

"I go play bingo. It is relaxing my fun away from the kids," Redic says.

Its all in how you look at celebrating.

As always, East Texas law enforcement says that if your out and celebrating tonight, choose a designated driver.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com