Rockin' C Ranch New Year

Doing everything from riding horses to archery, East Texas kids at Rockin' C Ranch celebrated 2009 with lots of fun.

The Ranch's Assistant Program Director, Amber Payne, described one of their activities, "This is the screamer. It's a ropes course element. You're connected to a wire here and we pull you up to the tree, yank a cord and you go swinging down."

Wiley Walsh, one of the camp paricipants, described the experience, "It's kind of scary whenever you're being pulled up. I say it's OK you're not going to fall but if you see red, you're dead because the harness, it's got to be tight."

"You get up there and you're waiting for them to pull the cord and there it goes. We call it the screamer for a reason," said Payne.

If swinging isn't your thing, the ranch has an archery range that might interest you.

"These are seven and nine-year-old girls who, I bet they thought they never shoot a bow and arrow. The reason we're here is to learn about the Lord and we're going to teach them that the Lord is the one that helps them get a bullz eye," explained Payne.

The Christian recreation ranch also offers kids a real rodeo experience.

"Rather than just setting them on top and a horse and just letting them [go], what they are doing now is barrel racing, said Payne.

Callee Lewis, a camp participant, described her expereince, "You have nice counselors and you can do all kinds of stuff."

With so many activities these East Texas kids are sure to have a rocking good time bring in 2009.

Folks at Rockin' C will keep the party going until 10 a-m tomorrow.

Tonight they'll have square dancing and fire works to wrap up their New Years Ranch celebration. For more information you can go to the website

Lakecia Shockley, Reporting