Sanchez Makes Pit-Stop in Tyler

Gubernatorial candidate Tony Sanchez sat down with some East Texans during a private dinner at El Charro's Restaurant Thursday night.

Before making his way inside, Sanchez addressed the homeowners insurance "scandal" that has plagued the final days of Governor Rick Perry's term.

"We need to roll the rates back," says Sanchez. "Secondly, we need to close the loop holes that companies are getting through. We need to make sure they're [all the companies] regulated, so they don't abuse the consumers of Texas."

Sanchez says Perry failed to call a special legislative session to reform the insurance industry when it was needed. Adding that, Perry took millions from insurance companies, and allowed them to raise the rates.

After Farmers Insurance left the Texas homeowner market in November, Perry assured Texas consumers they could find other insurance. Farmers decided to pull from the Texas homeowner market, after the state filed a lawsuit against them for discriminatory practices.