Senate Candidate Visits with Local Officers

The general election is only a month away and political candidates are counting their endorsements. Seven major law enforcement associations have sided with U.S. Senate candidate, Texas Attorney General John Cornyn.

Cornyn met with local police officers at Tyler Public Library on Thursday to thank them for their support. Cornyn says he's behind the president's plan to spend on homeland security.

"I support the President's proposal to put three and a half billion dollars into new equipment and training at the local level to help first responders," said Cornyn.

Cornyn told a roomful of officers, supporters and media that the money would go toward training local law enforcement agencies and purchasing equipment.

Cornyn told reporters he approves of using force against Iraq, but believes Iraq should have a chance to comply with weapons inspectors.

Cornyn is running against former Dallas mayor Ron Kirk for U.S. Senate.