6-Year Old Girl Electrocuted On Fence

ELYSIAN FIELDS, TX (KLTV) - A 6-year old East Texas girl falls on an electric fence and is killed by the unusually high amperage. Harrison County Sheriff's investigators say the man who put up the fence could face criminal charges.

KLTV 7's Courtney Lane met with the little girl's mother, who not only wants justice for her daughter's senseless death but regulations made so this can't happen to anyone else.

The day after Christmas, little Ceira Clark and her brothers were playing in the backyard.

"It was maybe 5 minutes later, one of the little ones came over and told us that Ceira had fallen down," said Brenda Slack, Ceira's mother.  "And, you know, she's always been my little drama queen and I said 'well she'll get up baby she'll be alright.' He goes, 'no she won't get up, she's turning red."

Immediately, Slack ran out to find the 6-year old on an electric fence that her neighbor put up.

"The only thing I could remember was how to do baby CPR, where you put them on your leg and you pop their back. So when I got her up, she was just limp and she had little blue spots around her lip and stuff and I knew she couldn't breathe. So I kept popping her on the back and when I got her over, there were lines on her back where it had burnt into her skin."

Family members continued CPR but nothing could help.

"We swear at one point she came to long enough and her eyes kind of cleared up and she looked at us and she squeezed my hand like she was saying goodbye momma," said Slack.

Ceira's mom says this should never have happened. She says her neighbor rigged the fence to run off a 20 amp breaker. The Harrison County Sheriff's Department confirmed it was far too powerful.

"It wasn't a typical electrical fence that would be powered down," said Captain Marty Latham.  "It was running straight through a 110 outlet and there was a lot of amps running through it."

"People with common sense would put it maybe on a 5... but 20 amps, that's enough to power half of a house," said Slack. "She didn't have time to scream for help, close her eyes, nothing."

Ceira's mom is now fighting for more to be done.

"There should be some kind of regulations or trip lines or something where if something gets on that line, it stops," said Slack.

Not wanting anyone else to have to go through something as tragic as this.

"Hopefully something can get done and her death won't be for nothing," said Slack. "She was just an innocent little life."

The Harrison County Sheriff's Department says the neighbor, "Marcos Gonzalez" could face criminal negligence or homicide charges. The case will go over to the D.A.'s office.

Meantime, a tragedy fund has been set up for Ceira's family. It's at all Texas Bank And Trust locations, under the name "Ceira Clark."

Courtney Lane, Reporting  clane@kltv.com