Abbeville Family Wait For Phone Calls From Home

"The eye is over you?" Tina Noel just got a call from home. "About 100 miles an hour," She and her sisters live in Abbeville, Louisiana--where Hurricane Lili first touched land.

These ladies left behind their father, brother, son and husbands. Last night, they slept with one eye open, "I'd doze off every now and then but I didn't sleep," She tells. "I stayed watching The Weather Channel to know what was going on."

What they saw is frightening...especially for young Brooke Laperouse, "I think it's over their house and our house and I don't want dad to get hurt." A fear that can only be relieved by phone calls; their only lifeline to loved ones. Along with the many prayers they say give strength, a sense of hope until the time comes that they can go home.

Thankfully, the Noel family in Abbeville is O.K., no one was hurt. Though many trees and electrical lines are down near their home. Their homes are badly damaged, parts of the roof have been ripped off from the winds, and there's plenty of water damage.