Santa Shooter had Been Bound for Iowa, not Canada

Associated Press - December 29, 2008 1:13 PM ET

COVINA, Calif. (AP) - Authorities have corrected a detail in the aborted escape plan of the killer in last week's Santa shootings in Southern California. They now say Bruce Pardo intended to leave for Iowa, not Canada.

Covina police Lt. Pat Buchanan said Monday that Pardo had planned to take a flight to Moline, Ill., after the Christmas Eve killings so he could visit a friend in nearby Iowa. Buchanan says an earlier report from coroner's officials that Pardo was bound for Canada was incorrect.

Pardo donned a Santa Claus suit, killed nine members of his ex-wife's family at his former in-laws' home and set the house on fire. He was burned in the fire and later killed himself.

Local officials plan a public meeting Monday night to discuss the community's concerns.

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