Holiday On Ice In Marshall

It's a winter and holiday tradition that gives East Texans a little taste of the North and transplanted northerners a little taste of home, in the form of an ice skating rink. Every holiday season for 2 weeks, a sheet of ice is open in Marshall on the downtown square and memories are made.

"We do it every year now. It's kind of a family holiday tradition," says Cris McMullen of Marshall.

"Its just a place where you can relax and have fun," says 11 year old Alex Prymek of Blanchard Louisiana.

It started 10 years ago and for some visitors it's a chance to relive memories of skating frozen lakes in the North.

"Well you wait until the ponds freeze and you get all excited and when it's 8 inches thick they let you go. You just look forward to it. It's something to look forward to and enjoy," says New Jersey native Joyce Miears.

For others, it's a first time on the ice and a chance to make their own winter memories.

"Its great because it doesn't snow that much down here and we don't get much winter and you don't get to ice skate" says 11 year old Jamie Staggs of League City Texas.

The Wonderland Ice Rink is open daily at the Old Courthouse Square in Marshall, until January 3rd.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.