Former Abuse Victims Learn To Let Go

If you've ever been abused or are struggling to overcome an addiction, some strong East Texas women have a message for you: "Let it go and Let God in." That's the theme of a women's conference held at a Tyler church Saturday. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane shows us what some of these women have battered and endured, but now overcome.

Whether they were victims of abuse, rape, addiction or they just wanted to be uplifted, these women are echoing encouragement.

"We can be able to get past it, we can heal from it, we can get delivered from it," said Annette Holmes.  "We can let it go and realize that God loves us most of all. And that's the main thing. We've got to know that God loves us. When we know that, we begin to love ourselves."

Holmes was in an abusive relationship nearly 25 years ago and is still overcoming the hurt and pain.

"When he first hit me and knocked me into the window he said I made him do it. So the thing is, a woman has to realize, first of all, if he hits you once, he's going to hit you again. In my case, that's why I'm glad I'm still here to tell the story. He liked to kill me."

Holmes hopes that more women become stronger, realizing their beauty and potential.

"We need to know how to walk away from that man and not look back, how to go to the police department and get some help. How to go to the crisis center."

Celebrating that there is a life to live and beauty from the pain.

"There's a hurting world out there so we're just trying to help a dying world to let them know that God loves them. And just because we were raped, we were molested, we were abused, we are still somebody in God's eyesight."

If you or someone you know needs help, you may want to contact the East Texas Crisis Center. They offer counseling, support groups, and even an emergency shelter for women and children.

Courtney Lane, Reporting