Update: Dangerous Carjacking Spree Suspect Arrested

It began about 3:30 this afternoon in the 700 block of Hampton Hills Drive, where Oliver Davis lives. He says the suspect ditched a Honda at his house, then took off in Davis' truck. That's when Davis jumped in the Honda to chase Pippen down.

Davis told KLTV 7, "that's just natural instincts you know."

Davis, however, lost the suspect.

30 minutes later on Westchester Drive, Police found the truck, which had been crashed into 2 brick walls.

Davis joked that the officer told him, "only a Dodge Ram could've gone through 2 walls like that."

Pippen then allegedly carjacked another man, taking his BMW. However, a short time later, he ditched that car in the Goody's parking lot.

Across the street, Padge Moore and her daughter were leaving the Casa Ole' Restaurant when Pippen allegedly knocked on their window.

Padge told us, "we couldn't hear what the man was saying, he was kind of mumbling, so Kenzy  opened the window a little bit, and he said to let him in this is a robbery. He shoved his hand in the window. " That's when Pippen allegedly said, "give me my (expletive deleted) hand back" and took off on foot.  Padge followed him, with her daughter calling 911, leading police right to him, allegedly trying to steal yet another car.

Tonight, he's in the Smith County Jail, facing several felony and misdemeanor charges.

Courtney Lane, Reporting clane@kltv.com