Soldier Completes Family Reunion Christmas

A down home country Christmas for an East Texas family with the blessing of having a weary soldier come home, a soldier who did not return home alone.

It's a wonderful Christmas for the Garfield family.  5 generations are home for the holidays, including Army Specialist Robert Garfield, his first Christmas home from serving in Germany in 5 years.

"Seeing the family that's the only thing I wanted to do and I finally got a chance to do it," says Robert.

"I'm very proud of him and I know what he has to do and my son and daughter are both in the army and I'm very proud of both of them," says Robert's mother, Jeri Garfield.

He returns with his German-born wife and 18-month old son Leland,  home for the first time as well.

"Now I get to actually see him and hold him, I don't want him to go home/" Jeri says.

At home on the family's 380 acre farm,  Robert had one burning desire when he returned. "Eat a 'Sonic' cheeseburger," he says.

"I haven't had him for the last 5 years for Christmas, so this is fantastic that I get to have him here at this time," Jeri says.

A 9 year veteran, Robert will next be sent to Afghanistan, but has no regrets.

"I'm just there doing my job to make America a better place to help other countries," he says.

Robert leaves to go back to Germany on Sunday, and is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in January.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting