Prayers Offered for Tsunami Victims

Associated Press - December 26, 2008 2:43 PM ET

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - The people who've gathered today to mark the fourth anniversary of a deadly tsunami have been celebrating the progress in rebuilding -- but also remembering the dead.

A local disc jockey who took part in a ceremony on a beach in Thailand says she doesn't think the tsunami will ever be forgotten. She says, "It changed a lot of people's lives."

About 50 Buddhist monks prayed while schoolchildren played traditional Thai instruments.

Thousands took part in a prayer service in a hard-hit province of Indonesia. 1 of them says it feels like it was just yesterday that his family was taken by the sea.

A woman who still lives with her two sons and her husband in a temporary shelter prayed for the daughter who was lost along with the family's home.

In India, where thousands died, the anniversary was marked by interfaith prayers and a moment of silence.

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