Gladewater Church Helps Families On Christmas

It was a Christmas to remember for some East Texans, thanks to the good hearts of some at a Gladewater church. It included everything from housing to presents for the kids. Many struggling and down on their luck, entire families having been taken in by New Beginning Faith Ministries in Gladewater.  They have been giving a chance to recover their lives.

"Today we're blessing 20 families with wish lists.  We're giving them a good Christmas dinner. People are going through so many things at this time of year, so many people out of jobs, we want to be able to help everyone with something on Christmas," said New Beginnings pastor Gloria Lewis.

"If it wasn't for them blessing us, my kids wouldn't have had Christmas this year," said Torie Jones, mother of four.

They 20 families have been given temporary housing and even gas money to look for work. But today was about sharing a Christmas dinner and presents bought by church members.

"My little girl actually got a bicycle today, and she was so excited," Jones said.

In a remarkable turn, five year old Kaylynn Rayson decided to give it to another child.

"I have to give it to somebody who needs one," said Kaylynn.

Every child got a gift, and everyone left knowing that someone was willing to help.

"They took time away from their families and their Christmas to come and help all of us, and it was greatly appreciated," Jones said.

The Christmas dinner was made possible by donations from Longview and Gladewater businesses. This is the 4th year that New Beginnings has sponsored needy families.

Bob Hallmark reporting.