Gift Of Love: First Christmases With Forever Families

Just over a year ago, we took 13 year old Markie shopping at Cavender's Boot City in Tyler.

Besides a new outfit, she told us she wants a new family, having spent the two years in foster care.

Markie told us, "I guess i just want one that's going to be there all the time. Well not all the time. But most of the time. Yes."

Now, Markie has her wish after being adopted this year and getting a second chance at her teenage years.

In August of 2006, we introduced you to 4 year old twins Cameron and Curtis... healthy, happy, and pretty tough to tell apart.

Melinda Johnson of CPS told us of the twins, "they're learning their personalities so they're getting a little bit more and more where you know just from talking to them and playing with them which ones which."

And they have grown even more, now that Cameron and Curtis have found their forever family.

It was April 2007, when you met Malia, a soft spoken little girl.

When asked the reason for her shyness, Malia only told us, "I don't know."

Although reserved, this 6 year old is very intelligent, making straight A's. With the right guidance, Malia could easily qualify for gifted and talented classes.

She now has that guidance and the chance at a brighter future after an adoptive family has been selected.

It's a gift that can't be wrapped or even found under the tree, but this Christmas, all of these children will receive the gift of love.

Gillian Sheridan, Reporting