Lee Grad Reynolds Adds Championship to Resume

On either side of the U.S./Canadian border, Joffrey Reynold's 2008 season was spectacular.

The Lee graduate helped the Calgary Stampede win the 2008 Grey Cup.

"It was my first championship ever," Joffrey said. "So it was definitely something special for me."

A 2008 CFL All-Star, the former Red Raider won the CFL's rushing title with more than 1,300yards this season and 10 touchdowns.

"I just kind of took the year as it came and just tried to prepare myself as far as physical to withstand the beating of the season," Joffrey said.

The Stampede won the Grey Cup for the first time in seven years. Joffrey says the magnitude of the championship, still has not set in.

"You go out in the city or around town and people ask you for your autograph," he said. "When we walked into the stadium that night, we played in front of like 70,000 people. For my career you know, it's like I've finally been at the top as far as team-wise. Professional sports or sports in general that's what you want to do is be noticed as a champion."

Leading the Lee Red Raiders in rushing in 1997, Joffrey went on to play for the University of Houston. In 2003, he played his rookie year in the NFL with the St. Louis Rams. His pro journey landed him in Calgary.

For the Texan, it was an adjustment.

"Cold like I've never imagined it could be cold," he laughed. "Last week when I left it was like

-20 or -30."

Joffrey says, a with any title win, there is already pressure for Calgary to repeat. But he really does not mind.

"Well you know, I would kind of like to do that again next year," he laughed.