TISD Says No To Charges Against Teacher

A Tyler parent, whose student was attacked by a teacher at Stewart-Edison Junior Academy, says the teacher's punishment is not severe enough.

TISD police gave the teacher a Class C Misdemeanor citation for physical assault. The student's mother asked TISD officials to enhance the punishment Tuesday morning.

   "A citation, that's just like getting a traffic ticket," says Yolanda Jones, the student's mother. "That's equivalent to a traffic ticket. But this was a major assault on a child, a minor. But if they're going to take care of it, and it's going to be handled the way that it should, then I'll be okay with it."

The district has not released the teacher's name, but has put him on suspension without pay. All efforts to reach the faculty member failed.

TISD Superintendent David Simmons met with Yolanda Jones Tuesday to discuss why the district was not pursuing heftier charges. Simmons says the evidence does not substantiate a need for a greater charge, but adds there was enough evidence to warrant the citation.

TISD has passed the case along to the District Attorney's office, so they can also evaluate the evidence and the charges.

Jones says Stewart's principal is working with her, and TISD is providing counseling for her son. Jones says her child is afraid to go back to school and has been absent for three days.