Obama to release review of gov. contacts

Transition officials say President-elect Barack Obama plans to reveal the details of his staff's conversations with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich tomorrow.

Aides say Obama, who's vacationing in Hawaii, is not planning any public comment on the review.

Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell Obama's Senate seat. Obama has said his internal review will show that his staff had no "inappropriate" discussions with the governor or his staff about the seat.

A source close to the governor says Rahm Emanuel, the man who'll be Obama's White House chief of staff, had contacted the governor about the appointment.

It's not known if any such conversation is among those recorded during the federal corruption probe of Blagojevich.

An official familiar with Obama's internal review said the president-elect's team wrote the report without having access to transcripts of the FBI's taped conversations.

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