Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month. This year, it's estimated that 200-thousand woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That's in the United States alone. Here in East Texas, our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends will be among those numbers.

Peggy Suggs is a survivor, but still concerned about cancer, "It makes you revaluate your life even if you know your going to be o.k.," She tells.

Free from breast cancer for two years, today she still asks those questions though she religiously had mammograms each year--all her adult life. "If I hadn't had them yearly to compare then we probably would not have noticed this particular cancer. It's a little hard to spot because you don't have a lump."

Suzie Rippy is being pro-active by screening the disease before she's 40. "When I was 35," She says she first got screened. "I knew two woman who were diagnosed with breast cancer. One was a little older, one was a little younger."

And technology is helping to fight the battle, getting better each day according to Dr. Larrinaga. Machines can now detect even the smallest indication of cancer up to 20 percent more.

The message is simple, early detection is the best protection. Through October, The Ross Breast Center at Mother Frances is offering reduced cost mammograms for women. Also, at ETMC's Breastcare Center, they've reduced their mammograms from 105 dollars to 65 dollars for the month. Both hospitals are now offering, "mammogram-pads"--a cushioned surface that makes the screening much more comfortable.