Fall Fashion Tips

Belts are hot for fall.

Wide belts work great with low ride jeans according to fashion expert Denise Rich.

She notes though, wide belts aren't great for short-waisted people. For people with a short waists she recommends thin, chain link belts. She say they have the same effect and elongate the body.

When it comes to sunglasses you want to buy rimless, says Rich. She says the 1970's styles are all the rage and suggests that sunglasses are a much needed accessory to any wardrobe.

This fall boots are back. Long and tall with high heels. High heels are back too. Really high. Stileto and three and four inch heels are back in stores. Pointy toes are back too. So are open toes and open backed shoes, even though it is past Labor Day. .

Pants with wide legs and retro looks are also popular. Prints and fashions from the 70's are definitely back. But if you don't want to look like you just stepped out of a time machine, update your retro fashions with fun patterns and textures as opposed to wearing an entire outfit that has a dated look or feel.

Red is also the accessory color of the season. red goes with black, brown and blue, so this fall look for red belts, purses, coats and accessories to dress up your fall fashions.