Proud Of East Texas Christmas

East Texans celebrate Christmas in our own unique ways. At Martha Seahorn's home in Harmony, there are 31 Christmas trees.

At Hideaway, Bernie Demers has so many trees and decorations he has to start months ahead of time putting them up, and at the Berkley home in Tyler, greetings come from other galaxies as the Berkley tree is laden with Star Wars and Star Trek decorations.

While Christmas trees are a favorite tradition of Christmas, East Texas is best known for its "Trail Of Lights".

Kilgore has lighted oil derricks lining its streets, while Marshall's "Wonderland Of Lights' has become one of the most popular holiday destinatinns in Texas. Christmas in Jefferson is a step back in time, while Nancy Boyd's Wonderland of Lights in Mineola gets more spectacular every year.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.