Fingerprint technology available to Longview parents

One of the newest and most advanced technologies for keeping kids safe was available for parents in Longview Saturday.  It's every parents worst nightmare, child abduction.  Recent high profile cases have brought child safety to the forefront again.

Parents and their children, gathered at Jack O' Diamonds car dealership in Longview for the DNA Lifeprint Program, a new process that includes bio-metric fingerprinting, using all 10 finger profiles and a DNA identification kit.

"As a parent you hate to live in a world where you need to do this for your children, but it's essential because you never know, even if it's something as simple as getting lost in Wal-Mart," said New London parent of two, Abbie Roberts.

"Makes me feel safe knowing that if something happened to my child, they can find her," said Longview parent Shirley Anderson.  Lifeprint is endorsed by the John Walsh Organization of America's Most Wanted.  Walsh's son was a kidnapping victim, and the recent Caley Anthony case has also raised awareness.  For anyone who has children, this program offers one thing, a very simple thing, peace of mind.

Photographs and a journal of critical information are included with Lifeprint.

"Biometric fingerprinting, these can be transferred over the Internet instantaneously with no degradation, so the information can get out instantly," said Lifeprint Technician Jim McCann.  For parents, it's the simplest of motives, to protect their children, by every possible means.

More than 100 families brought their kids in for the program, Saturday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.