Make A Wish Foundation sends East Texas girl on Christmas shopping spree

With every step Tytuina Starling of Henderson took through the mall Saturday, she was thankful to "Make A Wish Foundation" for granting her wish.

"I got to go shopping at the Tyler Mall and have lots of fun and got a lot of toys and some new shoes," said Tytuina.  Unlike most kids Tytuina is getting a wish of a lifetime to shop her heart away at Broadway Square Mall.  Tytuina was born with holes in her heart.  Since then, she's had several surgeries.  The most drastic surgery she had was open heart.

"She had surgery when she was 9 months-old, and she was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 2 years-old.  She's a Miracle baby," said Tytuina's Mother Kimberly Starling.

"I'm thankful for everything that God has given me," said Starling.  It's no doubt Tytuiana is thankful, and when she's shopping she knows what she wants.  On this day shopping wasn't the only wish Tytuina was granted.  She also got to sit with old Saint Nick.

To wrap up her Make a Wish shopping spree Tytuina drove away in style... a 32 foot Hummer limousine loaded with all her wishes.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting.