East Texas family loses everything in house fire

An East Texas family loses their home in a fire.  The fire broke out around midnight, Saturday in the 4000 Block of County Road 3702 just outside Bullard.  Fire officials say when they got on the scene the house was engulfed in flames.  Fire officials believe the fire may have started from over heated lights on the Christmas tree.

Fire investigators say the homeowners had left their Christmas tree lights on overnight. Firefighters tell us the family was in the process of moving into another home.

"It's rough," said homeowner Joel Adams.  "I have four kids and a wife that's pregnant, so it's pretty bad when you really don't have clothes, and are missing a lot of things.  I feel disoriented right now."  The family did lose everything in the home from the fire.  If you would like to help Lowe's in Lindale is accepting donations on the family's behalf.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting. lshockley@kltv.com