Secretary's Resignation Leaves City Holding Bills

An East Texas city finds a small mountain of unopened mail  and a load of unpaid bills, after an employees resignation. The city secretary of Lone Star resigned in November, and workers have found years worth of unopened mail and months worth of unpaid bills and neglected paperwork. Now city officials are scrambling to get caught up on bills.

"Who could not pay their bills for 6 months and get by with it? and how did the city not know? The mayor should have been aware of this and she resigned and I was the pro-tem and this was kind of dumped in my lap. I don't know how to run a city but I'm learning" said Lone Star Mayor Dinah Rushing.

The Morris County District Attorney's Office is aware of the case but so far no word on whether the former secretary will face any charges.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting